Tommee Tippee Anti Colic 2’li biberon (pembe)
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Tommee Tippee Anti Colic 2’li biberon (pembe)

There’s nothing a parent wants more than for their baby to be comfortable. That’s why we’ve combined our award-winning breast-like nipple with the latest in anti-colic innovation to create the new Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic bottle. The unique 3-piece anti-colic technology draws air away from milk and the star valve keeps milk from traveling up the tube meaning 80% less gas, spit-up and fussing. And 100% more smiles. Plus, a built-in heat sensing straw gives you extra reassurance that your milk is just the right temperature so both you and baby can feed comfortably.

Designed to reduce colic symptoms for less gas, less spit up and less discomfort
Unique 3-piece anti-colic straw draws air away from milk
Star valve prevents milk travelling back up the tube, so no leaks and that’s a promise
Heat sensing technology turns straw pink when baby’s feed is too hot
Award-winning breast-like nipple for natural latch and guaranteed acceptance

38.50 $

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  1. Anne gogsune en yakin anti colic biberon seti. Isı sensörlü. Cok sicak oldugunda rengi degisiyor. Kutuda 2 adet vardir. Bir tek pembe rengi kalmistir. Fiyata kargo dahildir.


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