Animal Planet (Güvenlik Kemerli Çanta)
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Animal Planet (Güvenlik Kemerli Çanta)

Animal Planet Baby not only embraces the incredible bond between baby and animal, but ensures future generations the same opportunity by donating a portion of all purchases to R.O.A.R., Animal Planet’s non profit organization dedicated to helping make the world a better place for animals around the world. Great way to teach your children how special animals are, and what we need to do to protect endangered species.

“Secure your child in public with the comfortable design and fun to use Animal Planet Backpack and Safety Harness, which is fully functional in use. Safe to use, it keeps your child close and safe, while also offering freedom to explore and move around. Its adjustable and comfortable straps let you fit the harness to your child, while the detachable tether lets the harness double as just a backpack when you are in a safe location. Your kids will love to wear This backpack harness around their back, and this backpack is ideal for walking, traveling, shopping etc. The Universal size fits most kids From 1-5 years old and is easily adjustable to your growing child. We Also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as we strongly stand by our products. If this product does not 100% satisfy your needs, we will fix it.”

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3 adet stokta

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İstediğiniz modeli sepete attıktan sonra  not kısmında belirtebilirsiniz. 1-5 yas arası cocuklar için standart ölçüdedir. Kemeri çıkarılabilir.


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